Here you can find the last spots for DL2SBA on each band within the last day and the all time farest spots.

all time farest

ZL2TLD20m18631 km
ZL1JA20m18590 km
ZL3RCK40m18588 km
ZL3RCK30m18588 km
ZL4KT40m18582 km
ZL4KT30m18576 km
ZL2RKL20m18563 km
ZL1ED40m18470 km
ZL2TLF20m18428 km
ZL1TJK20m18418 km
ZL1XTC20m18410 km
ZL1RS30m18380 km
ZL4EI40m18120 km
ZL4EI40m18067 km
ZL1RS30m18060 km
ZL1RS20m18060 km
ZL1RS30m18049 km
ZL1RS20m18040 km
CADES120m16731 km
VK7JB20m16684 km
VK7KPC40m16671 km
DL2SBA30m16632 km
VK7DD30m16632 km
VK7DD20m16614 km
VK7DIK30m16576 km
VK2CBD30m16498 km
VK2GD20m16494 km
VK3WE30m16482 km
VK2MKD20m16467 km
VK2RG20m16458 km
VK2DKM20m16455 km
VK3UH20m16447 km
DL2SBA40m16434 km
VK1KF20m16428 km
VK2COW40m16424 km
VK1POP20m16409 km
VK2COW20m16404 km
VK3PD40m16342 km
VK3KCX40m16339 km
VK3DXE40m16337 km
VK3FFB20m16336 km
VK3WHO20m16331 km
DL2SBA30m16327 km
VK3CVF20m16327 km
VK3AXF40m16325 km
VK3ANX20m16320 km
VK3AXF40m16316 km
VK3AXF20m16316 km
VK3BD20m16314 km
VK3WHO40m16311 km

2014 CW (Morse Telegraphy) was added to the German Nationwide Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage.