My current working conditions for SOTA are:

Here you find a list of all my SOTA activations

DateSummitCall UsedQSOsPoints
03/Aug/2015 DM/BM-344 (Kleiner Kulm) DL2SBA/P 16 6
23/Aug/2015 DM/BW-094 (Kornberg) DL2SBA/P 20 8
22/May/2016 DM/BW-664 (Wasserberg) DL2SBA/P 24 8
28/May/2016 DM/BW-064 (Heersberg) DL2SBA/P 45 10
11/Jun/2016 F/CR-234 (Pic de Midi) F/DL2SBA/P 12 1
16/Jun/2016 F/CR-023 (Mont Aigoual) F/DL2SBA/P 50 4
21/Jun/2016 DM/BW-147 (Gespaltener Fels) DL2SBA/P 30 10
07/Sep/2016 DL/AL-170 (Zwieselberg) DL2SBA/P 15 2

 Thanks to Christophe ON6ZQ for his great tool Log2Map.

Inspired by the work of Richard G3CWI from SOTABEAMS and his flight decks for some QRP transceivers, I decided to build a matching one for my ELECRAFT KX3.


Starting point was a clipboard which can be found for some bucks at AMAZON. In the lower section, I can simply secure my log sheets with the strong clip.

My second SOTA activation is done. Monika (DL6SCF) and I made a short hiking trip on the Swabian Alps. On top of the Kornberg we made a stop and started the activation ... unfortunately we have to shut down operation due to a rising thunderstorm.

During a business trip, I took the chance to activate a mountain in the Bavarian low mountains - Kleiner Kulm.

2014 CW (Morse Telegraphy) was added to the German Nationwide Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage.