IoT - NodeRED - Setup

Logbook for basic setup of NodeRED on Raspberry Pi 3 

IoT Powersensor #1

This is my first power/voltage sensor I've build. It is based on an commercially available powermeter from B+G E-Tech. You can find them on eBay or their website. It provides a 90ms pulse for each Wh flown through it.6Q7A7842

The line voltage is measured using a simple transformer and a circuit based on the schematic from OpenEnergyMonitor. The software to measure the line voltage is also from OpenEnergyMonitor embedded into my sensor framework.

IoT Powersensor #2

For the main power distribution in my house, I also build a powersensor. The basic idea is the same as for this sensor. But the electric meter is already build into the distribution cabinet, so this power meter uses the so-called S0 bus of the power meter inside the cabinet.DSCF4078