Here you can find all SDR related stuff.

You can listen to my web based SDR receiver here 


Further details yout this receiver can be found in these posts:


SDR-stick and RTL_433 - 5 days of monitoring

Some days ago I setup a simle RTL-SDR based monitoring station. Now after about 5 days of more or less constant monitoring I found one interesting thing:  

08 04 2022 17 34 07

SDR-stick and RTL_433 or how to monitor road traffic

I stumpled across this intersting post on RTL-SDR.COM talking about monitoring TirePressureMeasurementSystems with a cheap SDR stick and a clever piece of software. The rtl_433 software receives and decodes signals transmitted by tire pressure sensors inside the wheels of modern (I assume at least from the last 10 years) cars.

2022 04 03 10 00 03 Window

My initial idea is, that I can monitor the traffic in front of my house - at least traffic of modern cars. As Germany is a car centric country, I expect to catch most of the traffic.

Weather satellites reception - first steps on Linux

Some years ago I had wxtoimg running on a Windows machine and receiving NOAA images automatically with an analogue receiver.

KiwiSDR - configuration

Here I've collected some configuration stuff for my KiwiSDR.