GPSDO - GPS Disciplined Oscillator

To have a stable 10MHz reference in my shack, I've ordered a SYMMETRICOM based GPSDO from an Chinese eBay seller. It was delivered in kit form, so no issues with missing CE marking etc.

The GPSDO is build into a sturdy aluminium case with a PCB front panel and an aluminium back panel.



Inside is an orignal, clean SYMETRICOMM GPSDO board mounted on an carrier PCB.

The GPS receiver is an older FURUNO one BG7TBL 2

The 10MHz master oscillator BG7TBL 3


10MHz output at 50Ohm

Spectral purity of the 10MHz signal at 50Ohms

1PPs output at 50Ohms

1PPS risign edge at 50Ohm

1PPS falling edge at 50Ohm

10MHz sine output from the GPSDO vs. my 10MHz DCF77 reference square wave