Frog Sounds - Spurious emissions

I've checked this extremly simple concept for spurious emissions and whether they're compliant with the current regulations ...



19 03 2017 09 00 00

I ran a spectrum scan on my Frog to check for harmonics on the output signal.

The measurement was done using an Siglent SSA3021X and the FA power attenuator.

Peak   Frequency   Comment
1   7.057   Main carrier. Abt. 25dBm what is 300mW
2   14.058   1st harmonic. Abt. 19.dBc below carrier. Far too less, I must check this.
3   21.060   2nd harmonic. Abt. 40dBc below carrier. This corresponds to the regulatory authorities. But not good.
 4   28.140   3rd harmonic. Abt. 48dBc below carrier. This is fine.