QO-100 - Audio & CW console

I started my journey into QO-100 with a very simple setup. Details can be found here. I used purely SDRConsole to receive & transmit audio via a simple USB headset. This was no real comfort and it was not capable transmitting CW ;-) 

Fortunateley Andreas DL4JAL published 2021 in the German ham radio magazin FUNKAMATEUR an interesting hardware console. The basic idea behind this console is, that through the internal soundcard SSB-audio as well CW-audio can be transmitted. A hardware PTT key can used to switch SDRConsole into transmit mode. Furthermore it controls the timing for T/R-switching - SDRConsole has some delay between audio input and rf-output via the LimeSDR-mini - so no loss of last DIT or syllable.

Andreas's solution contains an USB-hub, an USB-soundcard and an FTDI-serial converter. All controlled by an PIC microcontroler.

The user interface is a small LCD display, a rotary encoder and a button. I placed all components in a old industrial console case. IMG 668!
The rotary encoder controls the parameters of the console as well as the CW keyer speed. With the mode switch you toggle between SSB and CW mode. IMG 668!
In CW-mode the device transmits an audio tone - F1A (?) I've added my BAMATECH TP-III paddle on top of case so I have a compact SSB / CW console. The distance of the paddle to the table surface is not optimal, but usable. IMG 668!
There are many wires you have to connect between the controller PCBs and the controls and display - so not really a clean look inside the box ;-) IMG 668!

... and yes, someday I will spray-paint the front panels ...