RF detectors

I've done some measurements on two RF detectors - one on an older diode detector from ELDITEST Elditest 1 and another one on an AD8307 based one SV1AFN from SV1AFN.



This is the hf detector 've tested - the EFH1000 - rated up to 1GHz: Elditest 1

I connected to output of the Rhode & Schwarz RF generator SMS a 50Ohm load and the ELDITEST via a BNC T-connector.

This are the voltage readings Elditest 3 I get, when I set the SMS output level to +10dBm and connect the plugs from the ELDITEST to  multimeter.

The frequency was tuned from 10MHz up to 1.000MHz in 50MHz increments.

Transfered into a diagram: Elditest 2. Based on the description the output voltage should me a straight line at 10dBm. So this detector might be good to detect rf but not to measure the level!


The second measurement was done on an AD8307 based detector. The PCB and circuit was developed by Makis, SV1AFB. It is available from his website at a fair price.


For this detector I measured the output voltage on various input power levels and frequencies:


Transfering the output voltage vs. powerlevel vs. frequency into a diagram: SV1AFN 2

This gives a diagram that is nearly identical to the one published in the data sheet by ANALOG DEVICES: SV1AFN 4(image copyright of ANALOG DEVICES)

Checking the deviation of the measured value gives the diagram for the SV1AFN device SV1AFN 3 compared to the one from AD SV1AFN 5 (image copyright of ANALOG DEVICES)

If I compare the measured results on the SV1AFN device compared to the published diagrams in the data sheet I must say - Well done Makis!


The rf signals where generated using a Rhode&Schwarz SMS.