SOTA - DM/BM-344 - Kleiner Kulm - My first activation is done

During a business trip, I took the chance to activate a mountain in the Bavarian low mountains - Kleiner Kulm.


The mountain is registered at SOTA program as DM/BM-344 and is located near the city of Pegnitz, about 48km  northeast of Nuremburg.

Well, it's not the Matterhorn - but hey- everyone has started small :-)

This mountain as ideal for my first activation - not too high, not too steep to climb - ideal for an after work activation. Fortunately there is a wooden observation tower on the peak which can be climbed by stairs and forms an ideal antenna support.

Working conditions

  • I took my new ELECRAFT KX3 with me. With its build in antenna tuner it does a quite remarkable job. I used full power output of 10W to warm up the Ionosphere.
  • For the power I used a LiFePO4 battery with 12V 6,6Ah with a build in BMS.
  • Microphone for the SSB contacts was the stock-mike from ELECRAFT.
  • For CW I used the Palm Pico Paddle.
  • And last but not least, my antenna was a HYENDFED 3-band antenna. This was the second chance, the antenna can show her quality. I tied the antenna to the railing on top of the observation tower at the peak of "Kleiner Kulm".
  • As an ideal tool for chasing SOTA activation and publishing my own activation, I found the ANDROID APP SOTA Spotter. With this app you can easily inform the SOTA world, that you're activating a summit.


I was really suprised how well the KX3+antenna+CW works. There was nearly a small pileup when I call CQ SOTA.

SSB was a little bit more annoying - there you feel the 10W from the KX3 - thats not much.

16:55z M0IML 14MHz SSB
16:56z R0RQL 14MHz SSB
16:59z CT2IXX 14MHz SSB
17:08z ON7DQ 14MHz SSB
17:24z DL8DBW/P 7MHz SSB
17:37z F5LKW/P 7MHz CW
17:50z EG1SMA 7MHz CW
17:57z HA5TI 7MHz CW
17:59z ON6ZQ 7MHz CW
18:00z EA2DT 7MHz CW
18:01z G4OBK 7MHz CW
18:03z LA1ENA 7MHz CW
18:05z F5SQA 7MHz CW
18:07z PA7ZEE 7MHz CW
18:08z ON4FI 7MHz CW
18:09z SP9AMH 7MHz CW
18:10z DK1WI 7MHz CW
18:11z DL1JGA/P 7MHz CW


Well it was really fun to do my first SOTA activation. This was definitely not the last one.