SOTA - Flight deck for KX3

Inspired by the work of Richard G3CWI from SOTABEAMS and his flight decks for some QRP transceivers, I decided to build a matching one for my ELECRAFT KX3.


Starting point was a clipboard which can be found for some bucks at AMAZON. In the lower section, I can simply secure my log sheets with the strong clip.

Basis for the construction are one-sided printed circuit boards, I've worked on my small PROXON milling machine.

DSCF4278 DSCF4277DSCF4276 DSCF4275

The KX3 is mounted with the 4 thumbscrews which fix the bottom case of the KX3 to the top case. Fortunately they are long enough, so you won't loose them in the field and there is enough thread in the nut. If this flight-desk works well, I'll go to the beautification, means painting in black.

The KX3 can be mounted in two positions - flat - perfect for working in a squatting position:

DSCF4271 DSCF4272 DSCF4273 DSCF4274

Or you can unfold the tilt legs - perfect for home work on a table:

 DSCF4267 DSCF4268 DSCF4269DSCF4270

 If someone is interested in the CAD-drawing, please contact me by Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.