Here you can find the last spots for DL2SBA on each band within the last day and the all time farest spots.

all time farest

ZL2XG20m18685 km
ZL2XG20m18683 km
ZL3DMH20m18683 km
ZL2TLD20m18677 km
ZL3DMH20m18650 km
ZL2XG40m18648 km
ZL2XG20m18637 km
ZL2KB20m18636 km
DF4UE30m18631 km
DF4UE20m18631 km
ZL2TLD20m18631 km
ZL3NT40m18627 km
ZL2RKL20m18616 km
ZL2CCO20m18610 km
ZL2RKL20m18608 km
ZL2CCO20m18600 km
ZL4KT20m18596 km
ZL1JA20m18590 km
ZL3RCK40m18588 km
ZL3RCK30m18588 km
ZL3LC40m18585 km
ZL4KT40m18582 km
ZL4KT30m18576 km
ZL2RKL20m18574 km
ZL3REW20m18571 km
ZL2RKL20m18563 km
ZL1VBX20m18562 km
ZL3003SWL20m18521 km
ZL3003SWL20m18514 km
ZL3RUM20m18487 km
ZL3003SWL20m18484 km
ZL3003SWL20m18479 km
ZL1ED40m18470 km
ZL3003SWL20m18468 km
ZL1VCC20m18429 km
ZL2TLF20m18428 km
ZL1TJK20m18418 km
ZL1CTS20m18412 km
ZL1XTC20m18410 km
ZL2VZ20m18400 km
ZL1RS30m18380 km
ZL1KFM20m18342 km
ZL1KFM30m18314 km
ZL1KFM20m18307 km
ZL1WJQ40m18282 km
ZL1RDK20m18273 km
ZL1RDK20m18227 km
ZL4KK20m18187 km
ZL4EI40m18120 km
ZL1PWD20m18113 km

2014 CW (Morse Telegraphy) was added to the German Nationwide Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage.