WSPR data collector

Inspired from some work found on the Internet and the full functionality of my U3S I've build an automatic spot collector. The spot collector pulls every 5 minutes my spots from and puts it into a MYSQL database for later analysis. See the schematic for this setup Wspr V3

The data is retrieved via the old database interface on For this job, I've written a small C-application running on an already running RASPBERRY-PI used for my IoT sensors.

The application uses the well-know libraries CURL, XML2 and TIDY for processing the HTML response from WSPRNET. After the page is processed with CURL and TIDY, each spot retrieved from is inserted into an MYSQL database running on my SYNOLOGY DS213+ NAS.

Installing the MYSQL ODBC driver on my Windows10 desktop PC gives direct access to the spot data stored in the MYSQL database with i.e. a standard MS EXCEL sheet.

The data can be analysed via Microsoft Excel - check this post.

Stay tuned - more details will come soon ...